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Intelligence is Under Rated

Intelligence is Under Rated

You’re probably familiar with Dr. Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Theory, but have you thought about teaching your students about these concepts and the many ways they are smart?

Multiple Intelligence Theory suggests that IQ is not one-dimensional and can’t be described by a single number. Dr. Gardner proposed that there are at least eight different types of intelligence, each one with a corresponding area in the brain. He used terms like “mathematical-logical,” “bodily-kinesthetic,” and “visual-spatial” to describe these intelligences, but many educators have adopted the more kid-friendly terms shown above. Kids students really enjoyed learning about the “eight kinds of smart,” and this knowledge helped everyone appreciate each other’s strengths, especially when working in cooperative learning teams.

Most Multiple Intelligence Surveys were long and difficult to read, especially for elementary students.
Those lessons are now available in Teaching Multiple Intelligence Theory: Step-by-Step Lessons for the Intermediate Grades , a guide for teachers that includes engaging, cooperative learning activities to help your students learn about all the ways they are smart.

This kid-friendly Multiple Intelligences survey is an excellent back-to-school tool, but it’s effective any time of the year.