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Cognitive Learning

Cognitive Learning Styles &

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children who receive positive attention and care from their parents tend to have high incomes, high happiness levels, academic success, and a strong sense of morality.

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Our Mission

To Provide the knowledge, skills and tools necessary to enable learners to perform to their maximum potential. We are dedicated to finding ways and opportunities to capitalize on the core abilities and mindset to raise success levels. We believe in empowering parents and educatedors so that they are able to recognise and analyse factors that are adversely affecting performance as well as implement solutions and learnings to maximise performance.


Our Vision

To support learning styles of a child that is active, constructive, and long-lasting.

We value Mental Conditioning, Self-Awareness, Lifelong Learning, Personal Effectiveness, Innovation, Professional Development & Personal Growth for all.

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Research suggests that the learner is an active participant in the process. They come to the table with their own skills, knowledge, memories and relevant information they’ve learned in the past. When learning something new, individuals process and construct their own understanding of a topic based on their past experiences and knowledge.

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Modern Parenting

Modern Parenting

Modern ParentingIn recent time terms such as Multiple Intelligence, Cognitive Learning, Parenting Style etc are being discussed in various educational and parenting circle. It is said that being parent is not easy and one of the most challenging roles in the world....

Theory of Multiple Intelligence

Theory of Multiple Intelligence

At the point when you hear the word insight, the idea of IQ testing may promptly ring a bell. Insight is regularly characterized as our scholarly potential; something we are brought into the world with, something that can be estimated, and a limit that is hard to...

Intelligence is Under Rated

Intelligence is Under Rated

You’re probably familiar with Dr. Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Theory, but have you thought about teaching your students about these concepts and the many ways they are smart? Multiple Intelligence Theory suggests that IQ is not one-dimensional and can’t be...

Build Strong Relationship. Cultivate a Learning Mindset 

According to a recent Pew Research Center study, most working parents describe parenting as one of the most important things in their lives. However, balancing children’s well-being and success with a professional life can lead to stress and fatigue both at home and work.